a little about me :)

Hello friends!  Welcome to Blueberry Road!  

My name is Brenda Olson the Artist & Creator of the Store. I am a curious and creative painter and designer. :)

In 2018, I founded the wholesale greeting card line "Hjarta Cards". My cards and magnets have been for sale in hundreds of stores across the country.  For a list of some of the stores that have carried my cards, click here.  My card company is named "hjarta" (heart in Swedish).  If you are a store owner and are interested in my cards in your store click here for wholesale information. :)

I am also interested in pursuing licensing my artwork on prodcuts for companies.

click here to view Brenda Olson Art Portfolio. :)

I built this online store "Blueberry-Road" as a home for my art and way to reach customers directly. In addition, I am planning to grow by including other artists. I currently have some of Tony Peroutky's photography available in a variety of products. He is my brother-in-law and an amazing photographer! I will be adding more soon. I am also excited to have sourced some additional awesome products that fit with my vibe, to fill out the store. 

Why "Blueberry Road"?  it is an imaginary place. :) A comfortable place where you feel at home and with nature at the same time. My mom grew up northern minnesota where her parents collected blueberries from the land and wild rice from the lakes. My imaginary 'Blueberry Road' is sometimes in the northern woods, or on a dirt road that ends at a farm house with open fields stretched out beyond. Other times, it is a paved road in the city lined with bushes where kids stop on their bikes and eat blueberries by the handful. :)   


                                                                   My kids!! Owen & Katie

                                                     My husband, Paul :)


These are my art studio mates. Our cats Bailey & Dakota...and Dog Sadie.