Welcome to Blueberry Road!
I am Brenda Olson the Artist & Creator of the Store. 


Hello friends. I love to make and create. I have been playing around with art materials "on the side" for the many years I have been on this earth. :) In 2018, I founded the wholesale greeting card line "Hjarta Cards". Since then, my cards and magnets have been for sale in hundreds of stores across the country.  For a list of some of the stores that have carried my cards, click here.  My card company is named "hjarta" (heart in Swedish).  If you are a store owner and are interested in my cards in your store click here for wholesale information. :)

I built this online store "Blueberry-Road" as a home for my art and way to reach customers directly. I am excited to have sourced some additional awesome products that fit with my vibe, to fill out the store. In addition, I am planning to grow by including other artists. I currently have Tony Peroutky's photography available in a variety of products. He is my browther-in-law and an amazing photographer! I will be adding more soon.

Why "Blueberry Road"?  My daughter asked me how I came up with the name Blueberry Road for the store. I told her that I lived on Blueberry Road when I was growing up. If that was true it would be a great & simple story! But, it was not true...the truth is, it is an imaginary place that I made up. :) Sometimes I think Blueberry Road is in the northern woods, other times it is a dirt road that ends at a farm house with open fields stretched out beyond, still others it is a paved road in the city lined with bushes where kids stop on their bikes and eat blueberries by the handful. :) A comfortable place where you feel at home and with nature at the same time.  

These are my art studio mates. Our cats Bailey & Dakota...and Dog Sadie.